Ausure - Equine Insurance Specialists


Ausure Insurance Brokers (Ausure) are a locally owned and operated Insurance Brokerage dedicated to providing industry leading Insurance products for all your equine needs. 


Ausure’s main focus is to provide a comprehensive, individually tailored service to our clientele by using our Brokers’ personal knowledge of the industries that we specialise in.


At Ausure we are passionate about Horses therefore we are also are proud to offer our speciality equine products, due to the fact that Ausure specialise in Equine Insurance we are able to offer highly competitive terms whilst ensuring comprehensive Insurance coverage. 


Pleasure Horse Insurance. 


Ausure understand the importance and passion surrounding the competing and breeding of horses.


Through this understanding and our knowledge of the Pleasure Horse Insurance Industry we can offer a comprehensive product designed to protect our clients from the risks involved in partaking in these activities including but not limited to: Breeding; Hacking; Dressage; Steer Wrestling; Camp Drafting; Barrel Racing; Pony Club & Polocrosse.

    Cover includes the following options:


  • Mortality, Theft & Unlawful Removal – Cover for the death or humane destruction of your Horse as a result of injury or illness. Further cover is provided for the Theft of Your Horse including the death or humane destruction of your Horse as result of this theft.


  • Veterinary Fees – We are able to offer a variety of Veterinary Fee Cover options from $5000 - $15000 for all injuries or lameness arising out of one accident per claim. In addition to this we also offer to pay 50% of alternative treatment costs arising from the same accident

  • Emergency Life Saving Surgery Costs – Cover for Veterinary Fees “incurred for Emergency Life Saving Surgery and After Care arising from Injury sustained or Illness” whilst on cover.


  • Personal Accident & Dental Treatment – Cover for you or any other person undertaking riding, driving or riding as a passenger with your permission should you or they sustain death or accidental bodily injury. Additionally we can provide cover for under 12 and over 70 years of age.




  • Restricted Mortality (Named Perils) – Cover in the event of a specified peril listed in the policy occurring, including but not restricted to fire, lightning & transit.


  • Saddlery, Tack & Harness – Our policy provides cover in the event of accidental loss of or damage to Saddlery, Tack & Harness.


  • Loss of Income/ Transit – Your Horse will be covered whilst in Transit in the event of death, injury or humane destruction as a result of including but not limited to collision, overturning or impact with an external object.


Equine Stud & Farm Insurance


Equine Stud & Farm Insurance product is a comprehensive cover for your property / business.

We provide a flexible service to ensure the correct cover is in place for your peace of mind. At Ausure we care about your overall experience and so all claims are managed by your local Broker.


Our Equine Stud & Farm Insurance is right for you if you own a property designated to the care of horses. Ausure has partnered with a number of Insurers, with all breeds of Horse and Equine Operations in mind, to tailor our Equine Stud & Farm Insurance products to best suit our clients. It is through this attention to detail that you can be sure the cover we offer is right for you.

We offer a full-service Insurance package, which includes cover for:


•    Stud & Farm Property (inc. Farm Improvements)                      •    Home Buildings and Contents

•    Farm Interruption                                                                       •    Machinery Breakdown

•    Theft                                                                                           •    Motor

•    Farm Liability (inc. CCC)                                                            •    Personal Accident

 What Is CCC? And, Do I Need It?


Care, Custody & Control (CCC) is an additional cover, within our Equine Stud & Farm Insurance product, that can be put in place if at any time you have other people’s horses in your care e.g Agistment.


The policy will cover “Horses in your physical or legal control limited to a maximum of $500,000 for any one horse and $1,000,000 in any one occurrence. These limits are inclusive of all legal, veterinary, expert equine valuer fees arising in the mitigation and assessment of any loss or losses arising under this clause.”



What Does Our Bloodstock Product Offer?


Ausure has the capability to provide you with one of the most comprehensive Bloodstock products on the market. We offer a full-service Insurance package which covers Broodmares to Prospective Foals, Weanlings to Yearlings and Racing Stock to Stallions. We have a product that will suit you and your next champion Thoroughbred. Through expert knowledge and flexibility we can cater to any of your Bloodstock requirements which includes the following; 


  • Mortality & Theft – Cover up to the specified Sum Insured in your policy for death as a   result of sickness, injury or disease.


  • Stallion Permanent & Total Disability – Cover in the event that your stallion has been   rendered permanently & totally incapable of serving mares due to accident, sickness   or disease.


  • Emergency Life-Saving Surgical Fees – Veterinary Fees shall be covered when incurred in   respect to “surgical procedures performed to save the life of an Insured horse necessitated   by accident, injury or illness”.


  • Prospective Foal – Our policy provides cover against the financial loss of an in utero foal and   up to 45 days after birth.


  • Catastrophe / Restricted Perils – Cover in the event of specified perils listed in the policy,   including but not restricted to: Fire; Lightning and Transit.


  • Stallion First Season Infertility – Your stallion can be covered upon failure to reach a specified   percentage of fertility.


  • Loss of Income/ Business Interruption – Cover for your loss of earnings as a direct result of a   stallion’s inability to serve mares.

General Advice Warning: Please be aware that any advice that may have been given or implied is general advice only. We have not taken into consideration your individual needs, objectives or financial requirements. Before deciding to purchase a financial product, you should consider the appropriate Product Disclosure Statement to ensure the product is suitable for your needs.