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We all have questions about our insurance - policies are often confusing and it is difficult to get the information you need to make an informed decision. In this section we have a selection of videos, articles and answers to commonly asked questions.


Because every business should understand and cover their risks. A Café owner speaks about the risks he may encounter in his own business and learns about others he might not have considered, underscoring the key role brokers can play in advising businesses like his. (Provided by Vero Insurance)

The Managing Director/CEO of The Steadfast Group, Robert Kelly, explains to an illustrator The Steadfast Group's strength in association.

With 60 partners and counting, Steadfast has access to exclusive policies from Australia's biggest insurers as well as specialist insurance providers. Combined with our sales of more than $4.1 billion and 280-strong broker network we have the power to negotiate our own exclusive policies with each partner to bring you unbeatable coverage.

The Steadfast Group - Strength In Association

The importance of having the right cover for your Cafe. 

The Managing Director/CEO of The Steadfast Group, Robert Kelly, explains to an illustrator how a Steadfast Broker offers clients assurance not just insurance. 

Steadfast knows the importance of having the right cover for your business. Our brokers are locals who understand your business. Each broker delivers premium service backed up by our strength in the insurance market. That's why we call it insurance with assurance.

The Steadfast Group - Why Choose A Steadfast Insurance Broker?

Business Insurance for SME's

There is much more to protecting your business than simply insuring your physical assets.


Business Interruption insurance is basically talking about the money or income you may lose when your business is, for some reason, interrupted and unable to operate. This may happen due to a variety of causes such as a natural disaster, or something simple like a power outage.

We are continually updating this section, please check back soon for the latest information.  

Cyber-attacks or data breaches can take many forms, from deliberate attacks to technology issues or simple negligence. As modern business is reliant on computer systems and networks, a breach of data or a shut-down of service can have a major impact on your business with many small businesses unable to operate afterwards.

The importance of cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance can help in the event of a breach

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks of all kinds and it can be very costly. Aside from the cost of notifying your customers, you may also face costs for PR, credit monitoring, investigations response and compliance related activity, compensation for affected customers and engaging experts.Most of these costs aren't covered by normal business insurance, which is why it is important to speak to your insurance broker to make sure you are covered in case of a breach or attack.

Liability Insurance for Business

You may think you’re well covered, but your business may be underinsured or even uninsured if something goes wrong. If so, recovery could be very difficult. 


On a basic level, a liability refers to your responsibility to others. Liability insurance will protect you and your business against claims arising from injuries or damages to other people or property that result from some aspect of your business.


Basically, if someone makes a legal claim against you, you will be financially protected and the insurance will cover the associated costs rather than you having to find the cash to cover it yourself.


Types of liability insurance that you might consider as a business owner include public liability, product liability and professional indemnity insurance.

The end of the financial year is a busy and stressful period for SME businesses. At this time, insurance can be looked at as just another business expense and not given the review it may need. 


If your business circumstances have changed during the past year - you've moved locations, hired more staff or upgraded your equipment; then so have the conditions of your insurances.


Changes in your business mean you may be exposed to new risks and these need to be reflected in your policies for you to be adequately covered.


Ausure Insurance Brokers understand the requirements of SME businesses and can provide you with relevant, professional insurance advice.

Review before you renew

Trauma Insurance - because it can happen to you!

We all like to think that it won't happen to us but statistics show that serious illness can happen to anyone. This is a short video that takes a look at what can happen and how having the right insurance can protect you and the people you care about most. (Video by TAL Insurance)

A Food Wholesale Distributor talks about the potential risks he fears could impact his business, and learns about others that he may not have considered - highlighting the key role brokers can play in providing advice to businesses like his. (Provided by Vero Insurance)

Understanding Business Risks for Wholsaling businesses. 

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