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You’ve booked your holiday to Bali. Flights = $650 Accommodation = $1300 Spending Money = $1500+ Travel Insurance = Priceless...when you’re stranded in Bali due to volcanic ash. Or perhaps you didn’t even get to fly there and have wasted $3,500 spending a day at the airport.

Travel insurance can be easily missed if you’re booking your own travel. Even if you do use a travel agent and take the travel insurance they offer, chances are it’s a ‘one size fits all’ policy, regardless if it actually fits you or not.

If the unexpected does happen, there is a broad range of covers provided within travel insurance to help cover the associated costs of the aforementioned unexpected.

Some cover inclusions are;

Cancellation or holiday deferment costs

Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses

Emergency luggage

Agents cancellation fees

Evacuation and repatriation

Travel delay

Loss of income

Rental vehicle insurance excess

So if you’re stuck in a situation such as the Mount Raung ash cloud and are stranded in Bali, your travel insurance policy could cover the additional costs from changes to travel plans, including accommodation, food and transport expenses if your pre-paid scheduled public transport services or pre-paid tour have been cancelled or restricted because of the Mount Raung Ash Cloud.

If you were yet to depart; There could be provisions to cover amendment costs or cancellation fees, if you were scheduled to depart and your flight was cancelled or delayed. There is provision to claim cancellation costs or additional costs to defer or reschedule, provided the additional cost is not greater than the cancellation fees or lost deposits which would have been incurred had the trip been cancelled.

Thought you were one of the lucky ones travelling to the snow instead of Bali? Perhaps, but stay tuned for the next blog post on additional cover options such as snow sports cover that can usually be excluded from standard travel policies.

So next time you’re planning a trip away, whether it be a holiday or business travel, contact us for a quote to compare and ensure there is cover provided for the activities you’re planning on doing. Request a Quote here

Remember, the wrong cover can be as costly as no cover.


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